Evaluation Criteria

Submissions will be evaluated according to how well teams demonstrate the following 4 attributes:

  • Significance​ : Teams should be specific enough that they can go into some level of depth, but significant enough that it impacts a large number of people and/or businesses and communities.
  • Originality and creativity:​ Teams should present a solution that is original and creative; submissions should present ideas that are either undeveloped or severely underdeveloped in international development research and literature.
  • Feasibility:​ Teams should include a brief ‘road map to adoption’ that argues for the feasibility of the solution and addresses any obvious roadblocks; all submissions should be actionable and measurable; they should also be based in practicality rather than just theory. Teams are encouraged to tie their submissions to a particular country or region of Africa.
  • Clarity​ : Teams should present their idea in a clear and concise manner.

Ignite Africa Challenge is a platform centered on unveiling youth talent across our continent for solving the most pressure problems through high impact social entrepreneurship.

Registration and Submission

Eligibility criteria:​ You need to be African or based in Africa to apply. You need to be a student or 35 years or below as of February 29, 2020 to be eligible.

Team Composition:​ Teams must consist of 2 to 4 members and may be formed across different schools, institutions, companies, countries, nationalities, etc.

Submission:​ Proposals must be submitted through the official Channels.
Timeline​ :

  • Deadline for Proposal Submissions: February 29 2020 at 11:59 PM (GMT+1)
  • Announcement of Shortlisted Teams for Semifinals: March 2 2020
  • Semifinals: March and April 2020
  • Accelerator and Fellowship Program: June – August 2020
  • Finals: October 2020

Next steps and benefits

Selected teams will be shortlisted as semi-finalists by a panel of academics and experienced development professionals from public and private sector institutions, as well as the IGNITE AFRICA team and board. Selected teams will get the opportunity to:

    • Present their ideas at a IGNITE AFRICA Semifinals event of their choice
    • Be part of the emergent African leaders that are building the future they want to live in
    • Benefit from unique networking opportunities with experts

Submission Guidelines:

  • All appropriate information must be cited.
  • The submission should be sent in one accepted language: English. All submissions completed in a language not listed above will be disqualified.
  • Submissions that do not meet the format requirements listed above will be disqualified.